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Functional First Reviews


Joey - 12/19/19

I had a rash that kept getting worse. The dermatologist prescribed a series of powerful drugs, none of which improved the situation. Desperate, I went to Debra Brunk who suggested an elimination diet. In 3 weeks the rash had significantly mellowed and in 4 weeks it was gone! My problem had been food sensitivities. Easily fixed without dangerous drugs. Thanks!

Kira - 1/14/20


Dr. Brunk has been extremely helpful. She is very kind, highly skilled, and was always quick to respond to my questions and health concerns when they came up. Her functional medicine approach helped me identify ways I could improve my issues outside of prescriptions. I highly recommend Dr. Brunk and the Functional First team!

Jack - 2/21/20

Dr. Brunk was super helpful! I had a nagging health issue that was bothering me for a while and Dr. Brunk listened very attentively to my description, told me what she thought was causing the issue, and provided a recommendation that truly helped.

Therese 3/26/20


Dr. Brunk is amazing! She spent so much time listening to my concerns and has helped me feel so much better. She is warm and kind and so knowledgeable. I could not recommend her enough!

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