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Asked Questions


Do you take HSA/Flexible Health Savings Account?

Yes, we accept these forms of payment.

Do you speak Spanish/Habla español/?

Yes/Sí, se habla español.

Do You Take Insurance?

Functional medicine practitioners dive deep into a patient’s story to get to the root causes of symptoms and find the best path to optimum wellness for each individual. That process takes time and we take the time needed to listen fully and work together with our  patients to make a plan that addresses the unique needs of each person. Unfortunately, our current health insurance systems don’t cover the cost of these extended visits and functional medicine providers find it almost impossible to comply with the requirements of insurance companies.  Therefore, we are not currently billing any insurance carriers for our services. However, we can provide you with an invoice that is coded appropriately for possible reimbursement from your insurance as an out of network provider. 

Can you help with fertility issues?

Many of the imbalances we address with a functional medicine approach can affect fertility and improve outcomes especially when used in conjunction with other modalities such as acupuncture. 

How are appointments scheduled?

Use our Online Booking System to setup your appointment.

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